Learn about the Possible Problems in Breastfeeding

Mother’s milk is one of the best things that a baby can get. This is why it is quite sad if the mother will decide not to breastfeed her baby. It is like she is depriving the baby of something quite important that can greatly affect its development. 

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If you are about to become a mother for the first time, even if you happen to be a working mom, you should make sure to breastfeed your baby for at least two months. However, you should not assume that the process will be easy as that is not the case really. In fact, you might meet some problems along the way. 

Possible problems when breastfeeding:

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  • Pain because of cracked nipples. While this is not automatic, this is quite common. Yes, you can breastfeed your baby without messing with your nipples. But then again, if you experience cracked nipples as well, you should find the reason as though common, this is not normal. It means, there is a solution. It could be that the way the baby suck on your nipples is wrong. 
  • Another possible problem is the lack of milk. This happens to a lot of mothers, and this can happen to you as well. But again, there is a solution for this. You can try switching breasts until each of them can provide an adequate supply of milk to your baby. Note that if the baby is not contented, he will feel discomfort and it means discomfort for you as well. 
  • You might also experience breast engorgement at times, especially at the start, when you and your baby might not still use to the idea of breastfeeding. When you say breast engorgement, it means that your breast is too full with milk and this can make it hard and painful. You can find ways to manage this though like maybe feed your baby more often and so on. 
  • When you have too much milk in your breast can also pose a problem. When you are in this situation, you can reach out to a midwife as she might be able to assist you. That is right as maybe, you and your baby still don’t get the hang of breastfeeding. In time, you should have a workable system. 
  • Thrush can happen once your nipples get cracked. This can also happen to your baby, considering you are feeding him. And to think that the baby has still a weak immune system. This is why the moment you notice this on your breast, you should right away see your doctor so he can check the baby right away as well. It is best that you will be observant once your breast feels painful. 

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Indeed, breastfeeding is quite important to your precious baby. This is why even if it is burdensome at times, mothers will still choose to do this. If your milk is not enough, you can check out the malaysia products for babies for a breast pump. 

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