Health is important. Physiological or Psychological or both?

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Health is something that we look highly on and this is something that we cannot deny. Without health we are not able to do a lot of things and even not able to enjoy life and so it is true that everything in life health always comes first. But how do we even try to keep healthy? Is it only physiological or is it also psychological? What are the things that we can do in order to keep healthy? Here’s a few that we can put notice on.


– Eat healthy

Eating healthy is always being talked about. Everybody is asking you to eat healthy but what does it mean to eat healthy? Is eating healthy eating things like greens or only certain type of foods? Not really, because eating healthy does not only mean eat what foods but as well as the source of the food as well as the amount of foods that is being consumed also plays a very important factor in eating healthy. Eating in moderation as well as the time that we eat plays a very big role. We need to have an intake of vege, protein and carbohydrates and that is all a need but, the amount that you intake also means a lot. Do not think that fruits are healthy hence we can eat a lot of them, in fact it is not true. Eating too many fruits that are sweet can also lead to diabetic and even too much of some fruits can cause pancreatic cancer. So eating with moderation is the best.


– Be active

Being active is something very important to health. Yes our work requires us to sit more than walk and this is something we need to recognise but then there will always be time that you can get up and walk a little and try to maintain healthy posture. Take some time off to do something like exercise or even something you like to do. As long as you move around and not be in one place for a very long time. This helps with the blood cycle and helps brain to work better as well.


– Hormonal spikes

We are always talking about food and moving around but let’s talk about something that we don’t normally hear. There is something in our brain called endorphin and it is a hormone that regulates or gives you sudden joys when you do something you like or are happy about something and this will help with moods. Exercise can help you to endorphin and sense of accomplishment. Doing your hobby also helps achieve endorphins. Helping others will also help the brain to release endorphins and one more thing that we don’t normally talk about. Sexual pleasures. With your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) or with your spouse or even self-pleasure will give you a release of endorphins. Of course self-pleasure you will need things to help you with it and if you want to know more then you can search up Malaysia top Secret Cherry sex toys and find out more about it. 

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Here are some things that can help you with your daily life. Things that you can do to keep healthy whether it is physiological or even psychological. It is health that is important so watch out for some things or even read more about it. 

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